Can I bring my dog?

Yes, as long as they are well-behaved, stay outside, and are on a leash, they are more than welcome!

Are minors allowed inside the bar?

Yes, people of all ages are welcome inside the pavilion.

Can I bring food I get from the carts inside the bar?

Yes, all food cart food is allowed inside.

Can I take my drink outside?

Yes, alcoholic beverages from the bar are allowed to go outside to any of the tables, but must stay within the gated area.

Can I bring outside food or drink into the plaza?

No, the only food or drink allowed in the plaza is from the food carts and bar operating at the site.

Do you serve food at the bar?

No, all food available at the Fairview Food Plaza is from the food carts.

I have a food cart and am interested in a spot at Corner 14! Who do I contact?

You can complete inquiry page here.